• SF Examiner: "Historic Piers Ready for Return to Spotlight" November 20, 2005

    Beginning in 1927, the Delta King and Delta Queen, grand riverboats known for their stained-glass windows and mahogany staircases, chugged overnight from Sacramento to San Francisco’s Pier 3. But after the boats stopped running in 1940, the pier slowly fell into disuse. Now, after years of quiet, the pier will be bustling again next year when a major office, shopping and restaurant complex opens in the historic bulkhead buildings at piers 1½, 3 and 5. Cruise ships, water taxis and yachts will depart from the site.

  • SF Chronicle: "Old Piers Getting Dressed Up for New Era on the Waterfront" September 16, 2005

    Behind a construction curtain made of black mesh, just north of the Ferry Building, another piece of old San Francisco is being turned into part of the new San Francisco. It is swarming with workers carrying pipes, hammering nails and building forms for concrete. It’s all part of the Piers Project, a development with a 1,000-foot frontage on the Embarcadero. The three piers are being transformed into a complex with shops, restaurants, a dock for large yachts and water taxis, maybe a classy bookstore, perhaps a fish market. There will also be 60,000 square feet of office space when the whole thing is finished next May at a cost of $50 million.

  • News: "The Port Approved The Piers Lighting Mock-Up" February 2, 2005

    On Wednesday, February 2, 2005, the Port approved the lighting mock-up, as designed by San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC with lighting architect, Architecture and Light. The lighting will provide a dramatic addition to the Waterfront and the Embarcadero and will emphasize the elegance of Piers 1 1/2, 3 & 5.